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Trivia Pub Quiz #1

Product information

A fun trivia quiz with surprising rounds. Ideal for a trivia game night with friends, colleagues, or family. You can order the Trivia Pub Quiz in 2 variants. You can choose the regular variant consisting of 40 questions or the XL variant with 60 questions. Both variants include video and music clips

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What can you expect?

This is an example of a question you can expect in the Trivia Pub Quiz #1

The Mona Lisa – the most famous painting in the world! In which city can you see this painting in real life?
New York

Play quiz via Kahoot!

You can easily play Trivia Pub Quiz #1 via Kahoot! After payment, you will receive a personal link to your own Kahoot! You can play this quiz as many times as you like for one month. Open the quiz on your computer or tablet and connect it to a larger screen if desired. Then you're ready to go.

Automatic scoring.

Players can easily answer the questions using their own phone. The interim score is visible to everyone during the quiz.

Add your own questions.

You have the option to add 10 of your own questions (including photos). You can select this option when ordering the quiz.

Unlimited number of players or teams

Indicate the number of players you want to play the quiz with when ordering. Playing the quiz with more than 10 people or teams? Then there is an additional charge.

Organize Trivia Pub Quiz #1

Step 1

Start the quiz

Open the quiz on your computer or tablet and connect it to a large screen if desired.

Step 2

Connect with your phone

Each player can connect to the quiz with a phone to answer questions.

Step 3

Let's start

Is everyone in the quiz? Then it's time to show who really knows everything. Have fun!

Order a ready-made quiz

With a ready-made quiz, you have everything you need to organize a fun activity. Each quiz contains challenging questions, funny videos, photos, and music. You can play the quiz with friends, family, or colleagues. After payment, you will receive the quiz directly in your mailbox, so you can play the quiz on the same day. Whether you play at home, at work, or in a café, with a quiz from QuizMaestro, you have all the ingredients for a fun evening.

Base price
Amount of questions
40 questions
60 questions
+- 45 minutes
+- 1.5 hour
Video fragments
PubQuiz XL
Questions about different genres, artists, and songs.
PubQuiz XL
News & Showbizz
Questions about news and showbiz events.
PubQuiz XL
Movies & Series
A round where your knowledge of movies and series comes in handy.
PubQuiz XL
Are you a sports enthusiast? Then this is your round!
PubQuiz XL
This is the round for all fashionistas!
PubQuiz XL
Are you connected?
Does the internet hold no secrects for you?
PubQuiz XL
Picture party
How quickly do you see which answer we're looking for?
PubQuiz XL
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the duration of a pub trivia game?

Het hangt af van welke quiz je bestelt, maar met onze kleinste variant heb je 45 minuten plezier en met de grootste quiz ben je 1,5 uur zoet.

What do I need to organize pub trivia?

The only thing you need is a screen. We advise you to display the quiz on a TV or project it using a projector. You can also simply show it on a laptop.

Can I make changes to the trivia game?

If you want to make other (or more) changes than adding 10 custom questions, we can offer this through our "Custom Trivia Game" service. Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

For which target audience are the pub trivia games suitable?

The trivia games of QuizMaestro are suitable for all groups over the age of 16.

How often can I play the online pub quiz?

After purchasing our pub trivia, your unique link will remain valid for 1 month. During this period, you can play the trivia game as many times as you want.

Can I play a pub trivia game at home as well?

Yes, of course! You can play the pub trivia game at home by displaying it on your TV or on a laptop. Perfect for a fun evening with friends or family.