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Organize a Quiz at a Pub

Quiz nights are extremely popular activities for bars and pubs. Many pubs organize a quiz night every month. Do you want to organize a successful quiz night in your pub too? QuizMaestro is here to help! We will explain how you can easily organize a quiz with QuizMaestro.

How To Organize a Pub Quiz

All quizzes from QuizMaestro are created using Kahoot. Kahoot is actually very simple. The quizmaster opens the quiz and displays it on a screen. Participants can easily log in to the quiz using their own phone, tablet, or laptop. Once logged in to the quiz, participants are presented with multiple-choice questions with up to four answer options. These answers are represented by colors: red, yellow, green, or blue. Participants then select an answer on their own phone, tablet, or laptop. After each question, the correct answer and the standings are displayed.

How do I organize a quiz?

How to Play a Pub Quiz in a Pub

To organize a pub quiz, you will need a laptop, TV or projector, and optionally a microphone. Connect the laptop to a TV or projector and open the quiz. Make sure that the participants can see the screen clearly. It is not necessary, but if there are many people in your pub, it is recommended to use a microphone. Also, ensure that the sound from your laptop can be heard in the venue. This way, you can easily play video and music clips.

  • Laptop with internet

  • TV or Projector

  • Microphone

  • Sound

Do I Need a Quizmaster?

In principle, you do not need a quizmaster. The questions and answer options are automatically displayed on the screen. Are you organizing the pub quiz for a large group? Then we recommend assigning a quizmaster. A quizmaster adds extra fun to the event. Make sure that the quizmaster is clearly audible. In many cases, it is also useful for the quizmaster to use a microphone. With every order, we also provide a script. This script contains all the questions and answers. It also provides an explanation for the correct answer. With this script, the quizmaster will know exactly when each question occurs and the story behind the correct answer.